Don Miron

Don Miron: Technology Specialist

Don is a Technology Specialist with international experience throughout Asia, Pacific and the Middle East. He has worked as an educator and technology specialist in the Fiji Islands; Yokohama, Japan; Jakarta, Indonesia; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Kuwait City, Kuwait, Surabaya, Indonesia and Shanghai, China. The vast majority of his experience has been with overseas American K-12 schools associated with the US State Department through the Office of Overseas Schools but has also worked as an adjunct professor of technology for the University of Maryland, European Division. He specializes in networking, programming, technology integration for wireless laptop programs and web site design. Don has been a professional development provider for organizations throughout Asia as well as a regular presenter at international conferences on a broad range of technology topics , much of which are based on his experience with designing and setting up scalable wireless networked systems in support of one student, one laptop programs.  He has an extensive background as a network security specialist for schools, companies and private organizations in five countries. His most recent position as Director of Information Technology included the setting up and administration of school-wide technology initiatives in support of educational curriculum, technology in-service provider and educational systems developer at Surabaya International School in Indonesia.

After twenty-eight years with eight international postings, Don recently returned to the U.S. where he remains active with his online international learning communities while compiling notes, journals and anecdotes for a book five years in the making. In addition to his writing, he is honing his carpentry skills rebuilding his 55-year-old house and enjoying living in the land of his birth for the first time in his adult life.

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Don Miron From Port Huron